“Do not lose hold of your dreams or aspirations. For if you do, you may still exist but you have ceased to live.” — Henry David Thoreau

First off, you are awesome for even being on this page. THANK YOU! You are the reason I do this. Please let me know if you hate my ramblings.

Lets start off with a quick bio: My name is Tyler Ross (surprise!). I currently live in and was born/raised in the little slice of heaven known as Florence, Alabama. I attended college at Auburn University for economics (and beer). I have many “jobs.” I have played bass guitar for 18ish’ years and been a performing/touring musician for most of them. I own a restaurant (The Chicago Cafe), a bar (Wildwood Tavern), and a restaurant delivery service (Shoals Takeout). Somewhere in the madness, I have thru-hiked the Appalachian Tail (2,175 miles / 6 months), rode a bicycle for Seattle, WA to Key West, FL (4,014 miles / 5 months), thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Tail (2,659 miles / 5 months), and finally hike the Continental Divide Trail (2,750 miles / 4 months). “What a nutcase!” My trail/adventure name is T-Funk. It was given to me on the Appalachian Trail, but that is a different story for a different time.

I started blogging for myself to have a time capsule of memories. I found that a lot of people enjoyed and found inspiration in them (if you were lying, thank you for that… seriously). So I continue to ramble to hope that I might turn someone on to living by the quote I posted at the top. Try something new. It doesen’t have to be walking across the country. It could be learning how to cook even though you currently don’t even know how to use a microwave. If you are scared of it, but deep down you find it somewhat intriguing, DO IT! Create your own adventures daily, big or small. I’ll leave you with one more quote to attempt to tie together everything I’m saying:

“I do not want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.” -Diane Ackerman



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  1. Hey man I promise I’m not stalking you but I just finished reading all your past blogs and really enjoyed them. It made me think how much I would like to do those things that you guys do but then I just decided that I just wanted to hang with y’all and hear your stories!! You guys are f’n awesome and like I told Stephanie if you ever find yourselves in the north Florida area(Jax/St.Aug area) give me a ring. I’d love to show y’all some Texas/Florida hospitality! Can’t wait to read the next installment!

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  2. Tyler, you’re having an adventure that inspires touches the spirit. Long ago after reading Joseph Campbell, I traveled to India just as you are on the AT and it was life-changing.. I’m too old to do those things now but the memories and self-discovery remain and are timeless…I found out many things about human nature. I realized too that was brave and had a sense of direction😂. Incidentally, I love Diane Ackerman’s books too. You are bringing your sense of adventure into others’ lives. Thanks for your generosity of spirit!!
    Alicia P

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